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We wish to launch this website amidst many, many similar ones to compliment the great contributions done by them to advance the awareness of the Buddha's teachings. In every relevent instance we wish to acknowledge the source if applicable and create links to access the original website.

It is our endeavour to make available tools and processes that help an individual maintain or regain equilibrium and harmony in their day-to-day lives. We would concentrate more on those in their formative years. We try to pose situations that they face or are likely to face in their lives and encourage them to find the most correct solutions.

Living in an "increasingly globalized, industrialized, and interconnected world" we have to arm ourselves not with more and more destructive weapons but with mental attitudes that would guide us away from self-destruction. If we could bring awareness to one individual at a time, we consider that we are making good progress.

Please give us a hand with your encouragement, comments, and criticisms.


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