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Relevant articles will be available to those who wish to continue their inquiries. Articles of general interest will be renewed every month. Surfers are encouraged to contribute articles or even snippets but they will be subject to moderation for appropriateness. Research articles are always welcome. Young writers are encouraged to make contributions on suitable topics. Every so often, we will update our articles to new ones. Therefore, we have placed a download link at the bottom of this page so you can download old articles that are no longer on this website. It is updated along with the articles. Please give us a hand with your encouragement, comments, and criticisms.

Dhammacakkapavattana-sutta | Conflicts Within & Conflicts Without | Conflicts Within & Conflicts Without 2

Conflicts Within & Conflicts Without 3 | Conflicts Within & Conflicts Without 4 | Conflicts Within & Conflicts Without 5

Kalama Sutta | Dhattu Vibhanga Sutta | Dhattu Vibhanga Sutta 2 | Sigalovada Sutta | Sigalovada Sutta 2 | Sigalovada Sutta 3

Kamma & Rebirth (Kalana D.) | Benefits of Generosity (Kalana D.) | *Kusal Res Kireema* (Kalana D.) | Thoughts & Actions (Ravi M.)

States of Mind & Planes of Existance (Ravi M.) | The Essence of Samannaphala Sutta | *Pancha Dushcharitayen Midemu* (Kalana D.)

Karmic Actions & Their Results (Ravi M.) | Khajjaniya Sutta | Unwholesome Actions (Kalana D.) | The Ten Fetters

Attachments (Ravi M.) | *Sitha Saha Sithuvili* (Kalana D.) | Time v.s. Cause & Effect (Ravi M.) | *Saththish Bodhi* (Kalana D.)

Basic Buddhist Morality (S.P.)


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